Welcome to Future Flora

Your invitation to empowered plant connection

Would you like to know more about the plants in your garden or surrounding countryside?
Their origins, qualities and ecological relationships.

Are you looking for ways to work with, even benefit from, weeds or so-called invasives,
instead of being at war with them?

Have you been drawn to (re)wilding your garden, land or life?

Would you like to make your garden or land more resilient in the face of climate change?

Are you curious to know who your plant totems or allies might be, and to hear their messages?

Only if we can learn to see the other members of the Earth community from their point of view - to stand where they stand - and feel an empathy with their life can we begin to find a path to sustainable habitation of this planet.

Stephen Harrod Buhner, bardic naturalist

The future, if humans are to have one, will require us to deepen our understanding of and our relationship with this living planet, and particularly its flora – the green foundation for animal life on Earth.

Hello, my name’s Pete. I’m in my element facilitating connection between people and the wider web of life – flora especially. Plants offer portals to profound insight and wellbeing, and a future to co-exist within.

Pete has a rare gift – the ability to help people understand the hidden rhythms and cycles in nature in an interconnected and understandable way. I always come away from time with him in nature with a deeper respect for plants, a more grounded outlook and a calmer spirit.

Rob, Yelland

My initial questions give you a flavour of my offers; they can manifest as guided walks, illustrated talks, personal mentoring (walks, site visits, video calls), or simply introductions.

Pete has an encyclopaedic knowledge of local flora and an ability to communicate with all kinds of people. He brings a wider philosophical approach to his walks and talks that both challenges and entertains participants.

Peter, Torrington

Whilst not offering a gardening or landscaping service per se, I’d be delighted to help inform and empower your own relationship with your garden or land. Plus, I’d be happy to (freely) refer you to specific nature connectors, such as foragers, herbalists or permaculturalists.


A new dawn beckons

Reach out to Pete via his gmail: peteyeo67@gmail.com or on Facebook through the icon below.